What to Bring...

Both the kitchen and bath are fully supplied with utensils and necessities. In addition, we provide some staples, listed below. Otherwise, you need to bring what you wish to eat daily. If there are some staples you need in addition, contact Barbara at bmccardona@gmail.com.


salt, pepper, garlic powder, ground cinnamon

sugar, honey

coffee beans and grinder

olive oil, white Modena vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup

Both kitchen and bath have all necessities: towels, soaps (NOT shampoo), cookware, toilet paper, napkins paper towels, etc.

Studio: You must bring all your own supplies, paints, brushes etc. The studio contains a sink for brushes, easels, table, a sofa for relaxing. You may ship your supplies if you're coming by plane. Ship to Barbara Cardona; 82 CR 75, Truchas, NM 87578.