The Retreat

The retreat space consists of a one-room casita with bedroom, basic kitchen and bath, and an adjoining studio.  It can be rented by the week or the month to individual artists who seek quiet, uninterrupted time to create freely.  The retreat will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your chosen medium without distractions.  If desired, you may receive private lessons from one of our artist/teachers for as many hours as you choose for an additional hourly fee.

There is no television, no wi-fi, and no phone in the casita itself, which sits about 100 feet back from the house, and is abutted by an empty field.  There is a radio/CD player so you can bring your own music, or listen to the CDs available here.  The adjoining neighborhood is generally very quiet and we expect our visitors to honor that during their visits.

Cell phones will work outside in certain areas, so you will have phone access if needed.  Otherwise, wi-fi is available at our local library located about one half block down the road for you to check your email, etc.

You don't have to be a painter to enjoy this unique retreat.  We also welcome musicians, writers, and other creatives who wish to immerse themselves in their chosen art, or those who have always wanted to learn to paint, but never had the opportunity.

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