About Truchas

Photo Credit - Jeane George Weigel

Our casita/studio is located in Truchas, a quaint 300+ year-old village at 8,000 feet altitude in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico.  The village was settled by Spaniards on a still extant land grant where the local members can still harvest wood, pasture their horses and other livestock, or hunt just as their ancestors did.

While quite a few "outsiders" have moved into Truchas, the village still has its Spanish roots and customs, the feel of an earlier time, and we "outsiders" respect and honor those traditions.  It is a pleasure, even an honor, to live here.

In Truchas you will find silence, fresh air, clean untainted water, huge blue skies, nearby mountains, and forests for hiking.  Here you can work in peace for as long as you want, then perhaps sit on your west-facing portal to enjoy a glass of wine or beer at sunset.  Or, visit with other artists who live and work in this magical place.  Or, invite Barbara or another artist neighbor to have a look at your work or simply to share conversation.


Photo Credit - Richard Hasbrouck